About Us

Mali Development Group (MDG) began in 2000 when, with the encouragement of Sue Upton, a development worker in Mali, a group of friends from the Oxford area came together to set up a support group for the Malian NGO Jeunesse et Développement.

In the 15 years since, MDG has developed into a charity, which works with Malian partner organisations, to fund agreed development projects as well as offering practical support through the use of the skills of our membership.

We believe that the Internet and easy information exchange have made new and more direct relationships achievable for smaller membership groups like ours - offering an opportunity to have a direct stake in specific projects and their impact, as well as the chance to make use of practical skills.

MDG has two current partners

  • Jeunesse et Développement (J&D)
    J&D works with communities in Mali's capital city Bamako, and in the villages of the rural south. J&D has a strong commitment to sustainable programmes which involve whole communities, and concentrates particularly in helping women to play a full part in the social and economic life of their villages.
  • Pensons à Demain (PAD)
    PAD is a small NGO founded and led by the Malian artist Kader Keita. PAD works with children living on the street in Bamako. They are some of the most deprived children in Mali - homeless, out of touch with their families and often with unmet health needs. PAD takes them in, works to reconnect where possible with families and helps them back into education as well as teaching new skills.

MDG is a membership organisation, which relies entirely on the skills and commitment of its members. We employ no one and our overheads are extremely small. We believe in close and long lasting partnerships with our Malian colleagues, and the importance of trusting and open relationships. Within this web site you will be able to

  • Learn more about Mali, our past projects and current priorities
  • See how MDG does its work and how you might contribute

We hope you will want to support us.

We have made a film which we hope gives an insight into the way we work with our partners and shows some of the projects we have supported in the past. You can find it here.