The Old Maternity Block

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Two wards for Kolondieba Hospital

Kolondieba is in the far south of Mali south of Mali about 180 k from Bamako. It is the main town for a 'cercle' of about 30 village communities within the administrative region of Sikasso. While some villages have small health centres across 18 Health Districts the only significant hospital is the one at Kolondieba which is the referral centre for a population of 200,000.

J&D were approached by the hospital about major problems over lack of capacity to house a big increase in the numbers of women with high-risk pregnancy and the numbers of malnourished infants.

Before the project women and children who came to Kolondieba had to live in very unsatisfactory conditions. For some time they were sleeping in out buildings and even in the mortuary at one stage.

MDG found funding for two new wards to be built as well as providing other facilities. This gave the hospital 20 new beds and, just under 372 women and children were treated in 2014.

Two stories from Kolondieba tell the story before and after

Founè Dembélé's story

Two years ago I was here at the Kolondieba Centre with my child who had malnutrition. We had to stay under a shelter and it was in the cold season. Our stay there was an unhappy one for me as my child died in the cold.

This past year in 2012 I had to come here again with another of my children who was suffering with suffered with similar health problems This time, thanks be to God, and the people who financed the new Ward at the centre. it was a joy for me to be in a really comfortable place with my child.

This time I knew that my baby would be treated in good conditions and that he wasn't going to die from cold, because I just know that that was the main reason why his brother died 2 years ago.

I am so grateful to MDG and the people who supported this work to help us. May God give you a long life, and lots of luck and success in your social action.

Founè Dembélé from the village of Woma, aged 22.

Salimata Berthé's story

I had a Caesarian here at Kolondieba. It was my first pregnancy. It was the rainy season and I was in a shelter with some other women who had difficult pregnancies. There were other women there too, with their children. When it rained you had to rush for cover in the passageways of the hospital or shelter in the mortuary.

Today I am here again with my third child who has malnutrition. What a surprise! To find how much it had all improved and that both the pregnant ladies and the children had their own buildings! Everyone who now comes from the villages are very happy to be in such pleasant conditions and taken care of so well. Well done to the Kolondieba Hospital, its staff, MDG and everyone who helped to finance this. We really thank you.

Salimata Berthé from the village of Fakola, aged 29.

And the work continues -
because MDG receives regular progress reports on all its projects through our Link Worker Tanty Samake we know that ever since the new wards were built better care and lower rates of child mortality have been achieved in Kolondieba and the surrounding villages. In 2014 336 children were born in these units.

Inside the maternity ward

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