Support for projects proposed by communities

J&D is a community development organisation supporting and involving the local communities where they work. This includes helping community groups bring forward their own plans and proposals to improve their lives and their environment. For example:

The Mafele and Soromba dams

These two villages in the Sikasso region wanted help to build small dams to manage their local rivers better, improve the supply of water and stop flooding in the rainy season. J&D acted as the link between MDG and the villages and helped with the planning process. In both cases the villagers provided much of the labour themselves and as the pictures show the effect in both cases was quite dramatic. Both projects were supported by the engineering firm Ramboll, who have continued to support MDG’s work.

Work on the barrage at Mafele nearing completion


Work on the dam at Saromba

Soromba dam 3b.jpg

The mini ambulance at Thian

Not all projects are big ones. The villagers of Thian were concerned about the pain and sometimes death suffered by local people in trying to get to the local hospital - examples were given of heavily pregnant women being transported on bicycles over long distances. The ambulance – a three-wheeler vehicle provided a very good and cost effective solution which has saved many lives.