Support for the organisation itself

All development organisations have to find enough funding not only to run projects but also ensure that the organisation itself can be run effectively and staff helped to develop their skills. While funding for specific projects sometimes includes an element of these costs in their budgets, this is often a difficult area – ‘core funding’, as it is known, is very difficult to find. This has always been recognised in the partnership between J&D and MDG, and MDG has contributed in a number of ways. For example:

Vehicles and vehicle maintenance

MDG had fantastic support from Toyota UK, Amersham and Wycombe College and HM Prison Service, where a Toyota Land Cruiser was renovated by the young men in Toyota’s workshop. The vehicle was then shipped to Mali for J&D’s use.

MDG also provides a contribution to the running costs of J&D’s vehicles as well as the wages of its driver, Bakele Sidibe, who is well know to many MDG visitors for his fantastic driving over very rough terrain!

Support and advice

MDG is very committed to using the skills of its members when possible and this has been an important part of our partnership with J&D. For example, this has enabled us to.

  • Support web site design
  • Help with IT equipment
  • Provide support for essential training
  • Contribute to reviews of governance and staffing

MDG provided vehicle in Bamako