Support for J&D's own projects

These are community-based projects which J&D develop and manage directly, in partnership with local community groups. MDG might be a ‘complementary’ funder, where most of the money has been found from a bigger donor, but sometimes MDG is the main donor. For example:

The Reproductive Health Project and the Peer Educators of Commune 4 in Bamako

For over 10 years MDG was the sole funder of this project which operated in a poor district of Mali’s capital. HIV, early pregnancy, and very poor access to either basic information or contraceptives were major local problems.

Peer Education is a well-established method in reproductive health work. Over a 10-year period more than 500 young people were trained and worked in schools and their community to promote safer behavior. The project achieved major successes in the prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. A notable success was the fact that J&D managed to ensure complete gender equality - half of the Peer Educators were young women.

Funding for the project came from a variety of sources. For a number of years the Oxfordshire Truck Music Festival was a major donor, and after that there was generous funding from the Guildford Academic Associates

Peer education