Jeunesse et Developpement

MDG’s approach is to develop a work plan of costed priorities in close collaboration with J&D. This usually covers a 3-year period and provides a framework that allows both partners to have a strong understanding of their mutual responsibilities. At the same time, J&D has always valued MDG’s flexibility - sometimes it has been necessary to adapt the work plan to cover emergencies or unforeseen needs.

Regular feedback to members is an important part of MDG’s work and we fund a link worker Tanty Samake, who reports every quarter on the progress with current projects and the impact and longer-term progress of past projects.

Tanty Samake - MDG link worker


With J&D the choice of priorities covers work in 4 agreed ‘domains’:

  • Support for projects proposed directly by local communities;
  • Support for projects that support women’s development;
  • Support for J&D’s project workers and their work in the field;
  • Support for the organisation itself to help it run efficiently and effectively.

In addition, with the help of Comic Relief, we are now funding a major J&D project to develop further a health insurance scheme serving 65,000 people in Yanfolila, a rural area in the south of the country.

You can read about some examples of all this work by clicking on the relevant tabs.