How we work

MDG is managed and operates entirely with volunteers. We employ no one and as a result have very small overheads.

We make use of any skills and time which we are offered and the organisation aims to involve as many people as it can. No prior experience is needed - just a commitment to Mali and its people and a willingness to contribute to MDG’s work.

If you like what you see on this website and would like to know more about how you might get involved in our group please do get in touch with our General Secretary, Judith Hartley -

Projects Group

This group maintains the regular links with our Malian partners, and plans with them MDG’s contribution to their work in Mali. We have regular progress reports on how this work is going and its impact. MDG aims for collaboration and flexible support in its partnerships and may offer information, skills and other resources as well as funding.

Fundraising and Finance Group

This group aims to put the fun into fundraising by getting involved in all sorts of events - quizzes, sales of all sorts, donating time for money, supporting runners in the London Marathon, or cyclists in Ride London 100 and having a good time themselves. The group is also responsible for applying for funding to trusts and foundations.

Communications Group

This group makes sure that our members are kept informed by managing the MDG web site, and producing publicity material, regular reports and newsletters. Many examples can be seen on the web site. Our pictures, designs and reports are all produced by our MDG volunteers.

Public Affairs group

This group makes sure that MDG has links with other organisations working in Mali, and aims to promote awareness of Mali - at events, conferences, concerts and even Parliament. It works closely with the Malian Consulate in London and manages the Mali Interest Hub at There is also a Mali Interest Group on Facebook. Overall, the group campaigns for stronger links between the U.K and Mali.

You can find out more about their work here.